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MSR’s Random Sports Vids: Vol. 8

You know you’ve been waiting for it – it’s yet another edition of …


“C’mon, man – it’s not even funny anymore!”

Alright, let’s get started:

Now, as many of you know, I am a fan of the San Francisco Giants.

And, as many of you will also know, the Giants have struggled to put up wins since their 42-21 start back in early June.

So, obviously, moments like Buster Posey’s game-winning home run this past Wednesday are usually few and far between:


That, however, isn’t the video I wanted to show you, here.

What has become vastly more interesting has been what had happened at the MLB Network headquarters just moments before.

Apparently, MLB Tonight host Greg Amsinger had a “feeling in his bad knee” as he watched Posey at the plate with two outs, one man on in the bottom of the ninth. And, he had the “armchair psychic” wherewithal to throw out there that the 2012 NL MVP, currently on a tear when it comes to putting the ball in play, would end the game on a homer.

Literally milliseconds before it actually happened. Take a look for yourself:


First of all, you have to love the fact that Amsinger even knew Giants announcer Duane Kuiper’s patented home run call by heart, let alone give it a little shout-out before the home run occurred.

Then, there’s the replay of the home run as it showed, in realtime, in-studio. Amsinger’s reaction is absolutely priceless.

We’ve all had those kinds of moments when we would make accurate predictions just before they happened – those “I just called it!” moments are some of the most ridiculously exhilarating a person can experience. Based on sheer dumb luck, you get the satisfaction of knowing you were right – even though a part of you probably knew you were totally going to be wrong.

So, here’s to you, MLB Network’s Greg Amsinger, for doing what most every guy dreams of: making an accurate prediction moments before it happens, on National Television.

So, has anyone heard of this kid out of New Mexico State, Sim Bhullar? Apparently, he’s hard to miss.

No, seriously – at 7’5″, you’d kind of have to be blind to miss him.

Guess Who?

Guess Who?

Well, he actually made history two weeks ago, when he became the first prospect of Indian descent to sign with an NBA team. Fortunately enough, he signed with the Sacramento Kings – a team currently owned by the first owner of Indian descent, Vivek Ranadive.

You know what they say – you can’t teach size. And, that’s definitely evident, when you watch this video, showing his pre-NBA Draft workout:


Now, to be fair, his jump shot is a little robotic, and he’s kind of stiff when it comes to his overall game. But, again, at 7’5″, the man can definitely impose his physical will on some of the biggest bodies in the NBA.

And, it’s not like he’s bad. His shot is consistent, from the looks of things, and if he can do it against defenders, that would be even more impressive.

According to scouts, he has the tools to become serviceable in the league, but he has a lot of shortcomings – particularly against smaller players – that he will have to work on. Perhaps sessions with current franchise big man DeMarcus Cousins will help his game more than anything.

In any case, good luck, Sim. Hopefully, we’ll see you on the floor, soon.

Now, I want to know what you would make of this:


It’s called Sepak takraw, and it’s an eye-catching sport played primarily in Southeast Asia. Personally, I had never heard of it, but after this video, I would be interested to watch it if it appeared on television.

It’s known in the English-speaking world, apparently, as “Kick Volleyball”, and there’s good reason to see why: it looks like the players are on a miniature indoor volleyball court, complete with a lowered volleyball net. According to Wikipedia, international regulation courts use a regulation doubles badminton-sized court.

From the looks of things, Sepak takraw – also known as sipa in the Philippines, or chin lone in Myanmar – is essentially a volleyball game where players only use their feet. This allows for some eye-popping plays on the regular, including bicycle kicks and what can only be described as “extreme hacky-sack sessions”.

Based on necessity, this happens on a regular basis.

Based on necessity, this happens on a regular basis.

It’s equally graceful and adrenaline-inducing to watch, and personally, I’d love to see the best futbol players in the world trying their luck at something like this.

Again, I’d pay good money to see that.

If you could indulge me in this “Random Sports Vids”, to present something that features one of my other media passions: SourceFed and DeFranco, Inc.

I don’t usually combine my love of sports with my love of YouTube’s SourceFed and SourceFedNERD channels, and there’s good reason – save for one or two on-camera personalities throughout the life of the channels, no one on said channels really pays that much attention to sports as a personal interest (many of them are self-described “nerds” who pay attention to video games, anime, movies and other pop culture fare). Furthermore, many of the personalities don’t consider themselves, in any way, athletic.

Which is probably why watching them attempt to play sports – in this case, hosts Joe Bereta, Trisha Hershberger and Steve Zaragoza, with DeFranco Inc. creator Philip DeFranco – was such a joy for me to behold.

It should be noted that Bereta, an avid sportsman in college, and DeFranco, an avid fan of New York sports, at least have some athletic background. Hershberger and Zaragoza, on the other hand, feel like they have little to no business on any athletic field, whatsoever (or, at least, that’s what they’ll admit on-camera).

In Zaragoza’s words, “What you’re about to see is some un-athletic nerds play against athletic non-nerds.”

That said, the results of this game of “P-I-G” (a three-pronged version of the popular basketball game, “H-O-R-S-E”) will be somewhat surprising:


That was a doozy, wasn’t it? (You know … if you actually watched the entire 11 minutes.)

You know, for a task that involved as much of an athletic touch as basketball, Hershberger sure did hold her own, making a number of shots that, ultimately, took out resident SourceFed athlete Bereta.

Wow, dude. Just ... wow.

Wow, dude. Just … wow.

They start out simply enough – essentially throw the ball in the hoop for a layup. Unfortunately, Zaragoza could not pull of such a shot, but that’s okay – 1) Basketball is definitely not his forte (which he openly admits), and 2) there’s a reason it’s called the “iron unkind.”

Then, there were Hershberger’s shots …

Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 6.51.03 PMScreen Shot 2014-08-29 at 6.51.22 PM

… which were, quite honestly, pretty good for someone who doesn’t do much, sports-wise. As far as I know.

Bereta’s shotmaking skills from long-range gave DeFranco a “P”, which is kind of awkward, when you think about it – after all, he is Bereta’s boss.

Don't get fired, Joe.

Don’t get fired, Joe.

It looks like “resident Jock” Joe is going to cruise into an easy victory … until Hershberger and Zaragoza flip the script and make shots that Bereta, uncharacteristically, misses. At least he called an early exit – like I said before, predicting things before they actually happen is a good feeling. (Not sure if that’s the case, here, but, still …)

And, along the way, he did entertain the audience with ridiculous shots like the “Double-Bro” …

Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 7.03.55 PMScreen Shot 2014-08-29 at 7.04.32 PM

While Zaragoza countered with “The Stranger” …

Yes, that is one man attempting to make another man essentially shoot for him.

Yes, that is one man attempting to make another man essentially shoot for him.

All the while, Hershberger is seemingly, out of nowhere, dominating everyone.

Trisha is spanking everybody

Oh, Shisha.

Ultimately, after Joe’s unexpected departure from the game, chaos ensued – Zaragoza couldn’t toss himself a ball, and it came down to trick shots between DeFranco and Hershberger for the title. Between DeFranco’s failed attempts at what he called a “Vine Shot” …


… and Hershberger’s multiple failed attempts at trying a kneeling/lunging free throw …

It's a valiant effort.

It’s a valiant effort.

It was Philip DeFranco who won out in the end.

The capper was Bereta, getting the last laugh by pulling off this long shot in one take …



And, THAT is why I love this channel.

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