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MSR’s Random Sports Thoughts: 49ers Edition, Vol. 2

Colin Kaepernick seems to cause measures of controversy even when he’s doing things as inconsequential as getting a new tattoo.

Then again, you should see the tattoo:

That’s right – it’s an artistic depiction of the Adam and Eve story, with dollar bills representing the corruptive, forbidden fruit. It’s called “Money is the Root of All Evil.”

But, hold on, you may ask. Didn’t the 49ers newly-anointed franchise QB just sign a monster contract extension, just over a month ago, for a record $61 million guaranteed ($126 million total)? Sounds a little hypocritical, don’t you think?

Well, sure, that’s what it looks like … on the surface. And, if you were to believe the stereotypical image he has projected to the public, it would be easy – nay, expected – to think of him hypocritical, maybe even vapid to the point of cluelessness.

But, like all of his tattoos, there is a true, deeper meaning behind his latest ink. As he explained later on Twitter, Kaepernick was simply stating that he did not believe he, nor we, should hold money above all else. Money – and the financial security that comes with it – is obviously important to him and his loved ones. But, he would never put money, and its corruptive nature, before his loved ones.

Whether you’re religious or not, you have to admit, that’s pretty deep. And, honestly, it’s another thing Kaepernick should be commended for – not criticized.

Looks like the 49ers are getting ready to give one of their most valuable assets a new contract.

Unfortunately for current holdouts Vernon Davis and Alex Boone … it’s not either one of them.

Hint, hint, Alex - it's that dude behind you.

Hint, hint, Alex – it’s that dude behind you.

LT Joe Staley, drafted late in the first round of the 2007 NFL Draft, has long proved himself to be among the elite offensive linemen in the NFL – to the point where it can be said, in hindsight, that it was worth giving up the No. 7 overall pick in 2008 to the New England Patriots.

The Central Michigan product has started in 98 games in his six-year career, playing a variety of roles as both an offensive lineman and offensive weapon:

For all that and more, the 49ers organization are rumored, per ESPN Insider Bill Williamson (so take from that what you will), to possibly offer Staley a new contract – after all, one of the best offensive linemen in the business deserves more than an average salary of $4.7 million per year, over the next four seasons.

You have to think what this might mean, not only for Staley, but for both Boone and Davis – especially Boone, another seemingly indispensable offensive lineman, who is only looking to earn the money he thinks he deserves. It might signal to Boone that the “good soldier” in a guy like Staley is getting taken care of – perhaps if he falls in line, as well, he will see similar rewards.

However, with a huge asset like Marcus Martin – a natural Guard who can play in virtually any offensive line position – taken in this year’s draft, a holdout might hurt Boone’s efforts at a new contract.

Coupled with the organization willing to give more money to Staley, Boone is facing an uphill battle he may not win – at least, for now. In any case, I commend Staley for the pay raise, if he gets one – as well as Boone’s fight to get his.

Chris Borland isn’t seen as the most athletic of linebacking prospects – that, coupled with his notoriously short arms, is probably why the Wisconsin senior LB fell to the third round of this year’s NFL Draft.

That’s not to say, however, that he won’t compete – and possibly win – a starting job come Week 1 of the 2014 season.

Could 3rd-Round pick Chris Borland start at ILB this season?

Could 3rd-Round pick Chris Borland start at ILB this season?

Based on reports out of training camp, Borland has looked very good opposite Patrick Willis at Inside Linebacker. There is more than a decent chance he can beat out special teams ace Michael Wilhoite at the position, despite the latter’s performances with the 49ers midway through last season in place of an injured Willis. This is obviously in lieu of LB NaVorro Bowman’s horrific injury suffered in January. At worst, he could find himself playing a significant role at special teams.

In any case, the former Badger has been, by all accounts, a tackling machine with a non-stop motor, and a great sense of going after a ball-carrier. Just watch his efforts against current rookie teammate, and former foe at Ohio State, Carlos Hyde:

That’s a guy who is known for hitting the hole and getting the extra yard. And Borland, essentially by himself, stopped him for a loss.

Overachievers are what the 49ers love – that usually means they have a chip on their shoulder. That’s reason enough to believe that the younger, hungrier Borland will beat out Wilhoite for the starting job before the regular season opener at Dallas.

In any case, we’ll see how this plays out in the coming months.

The Last Game at Candlestick – The Legends Game – is upon us.

This Saturday, July 12, a bevy of 49ers living legends will play one final time at Candlestick Park before it is demolished next year. Among the players attending will be Hall of Famers like Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, Steve Young, Dwight Clark and Roger Craig.

They will go up against other NFL legends like Dan Marino, Tim Brown, Anthony Munoz, Drew Bledsoe and Ed McCaffrey. Munoz and Marino, collectively, had lost three Super Bowls to the 49ers teams of the ’80s – they will likely be seeking a small measure of revenge on Saturday.

Only fitting that Montana comes back to Candlestick one last time ... even if it is for a flag football game.

Only fitting that Montana comes back to Candlestick one last time … even if it is for a flag football game.

The charity flag football game will benefit the San Francisco Police Foundation and the San Francisco Firefighters Cancer Prevention Foundation, and there will be a flag football “pre-game” between the SFPD and the SF Fire Department a couple hours before the main event.

This is especially exciting for yours truly, as I had a chance to attend the final 49ers game at Candlestick Park – yup, that one – but I couldn’t get my ducks in a row to make things work.

I will, however, be able to attend this charity matchup – and I intend to take as many pictures as possible. Hopefully, I’ll have enough worth viewing to put onto this website in a future post.

If you also happen to be attending, have as much fun as I am anticipating to have.

This is gonna be awesome.

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