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MSR’s Random Sports Vids, Vol. 5

It’s the weekend! You know what that means!

It’s time, once again, for …

… Random Sports Vids!

Are you seriously surprised at this point?

Are you seriously surprised at this point?

Let’s get started:

First, we have a pretty short video from the NBA Draft. In terms of moments from Thursday night, this is kind of up there as a classic.

Check it out:


That was resident ESPN columnist – and longtime Celtics fan – Bill Simmons. He has never made it a secret who his favorite team was, but he sure did make it known in a candid moment during the NBA Draft.

And it was a great few seconds:





Apparently, he also liked Kentucky Wildcat James Young.

The fact is, no one really knows how any of these picks will turn out. Don’t forget – a lot of sports fans and pundits were super excited when the Kings drafted Jimmer Fredette.

All I’m saying is, while I get the enthusiasm, Simmons might be eating a little crow if Young doesn’t pan out in Boston.

Nonetheless, it was a hilarious moment. Thank you, ESPN, for being irreverent enough to allow it get made fun all over the internets.

Here’s another fairly hilarious moment, brought to you specifically by ESPN and bad timing.

It was the time Joel Embiid looked miserable when he was drafted by the 19-win Philadelphia 76ers:


The Simon & Garfunkel was a real nice touch.

I remember when I first saw the reaction shot of Embiid getting drafted. When he didn’t seem to react at all, that should have been everyone’s – including ESPN’s – first clue that the video MIGHT HAVE BEEN tape delayed. Because, you know, you wouldn’t want your famous athletes looking like total idiots on live, national television.

At least the higher-ups had the wherewithal to realize their unintentional flub: they later cut back to a celebrating Embiid via satellite.

Aww ...

Aww …

A re-cut of this video should splice in some “Happy” by Pharrell Williams just to balance it out.

Leave it to Pepsi Max to make the Futbol look as awesome as humanly possible – even to an American audience. And to think – they didn’t even need to use Victoria’s Secret models to do it.

Then again, combining freestyle footballers, free runners and an unorthodox, bouncy pitch is bound to lead to pure awesomeness:


I honestly don’t even care that this is an advertisement for Pepsi – these feats of athleticism are a thing to behold.

I mean, I’d take screenshots of the action, but there’s just no point – seriously, if you have a couple minutes, just watch the video and bask in the awesomeness that is street soccer.

Now, I’m sure you’ve seen these ads masquerading as viral videos – whether it was Kyrie Irving as Uncle Drew, Jeff Gordon taking a Camaro for a test drive, or Kevin Love as Wes, they’re always pretty gotdanged entertaining.

This street soccer video is no different. The fact is, you don’t even have to know – or even care – who these people are. All you have to know is how amazing they are on the pitch.

So, if you’ve gotten into the World Cup like I have, I have a feeling you might appreciate videos like this just a little bit more:


Got ’em with the ol’ Fakeout.

Now, the idea here is to just get a decent shot past the wall defense. What better way than to get their guard down via confusion, long enough to get a kick in?

"What the---"

“What the—“

It’s quite ingenious, really. Makes me wonder if the USMNT will try something like this against Belgium next Tuesday. You know, if they get desperate enough.

Doubtful, but, hey – with the World Cup entering it’s version of the playoffs, anything’s possible, right?

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