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MSR’s Random Sports Vids: Vol. 3

It’s that time again – time for RANDOM SPORTS VIDS!!

I think I'm just gonna use this GIF every time I do this.

I think I’m just gonna use this GIF every time I do this.

So, let’s start with something you’ve probably seen over and over if you’re an NFL fan – especially if you’re a San Francisco 49ers fan.

The fact is, we’ve seen many sides of head coach Jim Harbaugh. Whether it’s with his non-sensical sound bytes, his outbursts on the sidelines, or his post-game ceremonies …


… You’ve probably already got a strong opinion about the man.

But, then again, you probably haven’t seen his wife.



Sarah Harbaugh stars in this now-viral Docker’s “PSA” about “Dad Pants,” no doubt in honor of her infamous comments about her husband’s $8 khakis he apparently buys from Walmart.

Jim’s better half delivers her message with impressive comedic timing. The bit at the end with Jim standing buy his Barbecue Grill with spatula in hand never ceases to make me laugh. Check it out:


Here’s a little old school nugget I found courtesy of the reddits – this was apparently back in the day when “Celebrity” Anything was all the rage (read: the ’90s).

Personally, I had no idea this even existed, but back when slam dunk contests were still chic, Foot Locker sponsored a Celebrity Slam Dunk competition, involving a number of athletes who weren’t known for basketball.

It featured the likes of Ken Griffey Jr., Deion Sanders and Barry Bonds. And it’s probably one of the best things you’ve seen from a dunk contest in the last five years.

Don’t believe me? Watch Detroit Lions legend Barry Sanders square off against Cleveland Indians OF Kenny Lofton in a throw-down:


Yup – that was John Saunders and Dickie V on the call.

Now, imagine if they brought that back today – especially for stuff like NBA All-Star Weekend.

Could you imagine the kinds of things Jimmy Graham, Usain Bolt and Jason Hayward could offer in a Celebrity Dunk Contest? Hell, expand it to Hollywood celebrities – how amazing would it be to see if Kevin Hart had the hops to pull off a dunk?

God, he'd be obnoxious about it.

God, he’d be obnoxious about it.

I’m telling you – this is a thing that should not have died. Bring it back, NBA. Bring it back, now. Bring it back.

Now, this looks fascinating.

For all the sports fans out there that love the World Cup but can’t stand the diving as a basic strategy, I present to you something that looks even tougher than Futbol, American Football and Rugby COMBINED (which this ancient sport apparently does).

Allow me to introduce … Calcio Storico Fiorentino:


Now, granted, this is essentially a movie trailer, but it just enhances the level of badass this sport actually exudes.

Apparently, this game was founded in 16th-Century Italy, during the Renaissance Era. It was so awesome, even the Pope wanted in on the action, playing the sport in the Vatican. It is known as one of the early forms of modern Futbol – just a helluva lot more violent.

You can check out some full-length games of Calcio Storico  Fiorentino online, like this one, here:


Finally, we have for you a commercial going viral, in honor of the World Cup in Brazil.

You can forget what the ad is ultimately advertising, because you probably won’t be paying attention to that. The gist, though, is a subtle jab at the Americans’ game of Football, in favor of the global Futbol.

If that kind of turns you off, I’ll just say these two words:



Even though it’s kind of making fun of America’s new National Pastime, the overall message is about global unity around one sport – the sport of soccer.

Plus, you kind of forgive it just because …

... Because ... uhh ...

… Because … uhh …

Well, yeah. C’mon.

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