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MSR’s Random Sports Thoughts: Vol. 18

Here’s an unusually satisfying story of sports worlds colliding, as Futbol meets Football.

The Portuguese National Team, led by Cristiano Ronaldo, had some downtime while at the New York Jets’ practice facility this past week. They spent it doing stuff like this:

Yup – that’s Ronaldo, one of the best footballers in the world, attempting to throw an American football. Here’s another tweet of Jets WR David Nelson (it’s okay if you haven’t heard of him) showing Ronaldo how to hold a football to throw:

When you really think about it, the sports of futbol and football are worlds apart. To see them come together in a beautiful culture clash – at least through this glimpse – is pretty interesting. It’s hard to imagine soccer’s global stars take up the new American Pastime, which is what makes these pictures a tad surreal.

Nonetheless, it’s damned interesting.

Man, Richard Sherman really ISN’T afraid of the infamous “Madden Curse.”

Apparently, the recent “winner” of the Madden 25 Cover Vote is going to lobby EA Sports, makers of the “Madden NFL” series, to not only put him on the cover, but his entire “Legion of Boom” – S Earl Thomas, S Kam Chancellor and CB Byron Maxwell. He admitted that, while honored, he “would never be in the position” of being on the cover if it wasn’t for his secondary cohorts.

Just imagine ... all the dips in production and debilitating injuries ...

Just imagine … all the dips in production and debilitating injuries …

For a guy perceived to be one of the most brash and selfish personalities in the league – bringing all of the attention to himself on and off the field – this is actually kind of a cool gesture. Acknowledging the fiercest secondary unit in the league by putting them all on the front cover of Madden would give them all the recognition they would ever need.

I have to be honest, though – the only reason I like this idea, as a 49ers fan, is that the “Madden Curse” would not only smack Sherman in the face, but his entire secondary – a predicament that would only help their West Coast rivals in the Bay Area.

In any case, we’ll see if Sherman spitting in the face of the Curse will bite him in the end, or only propel the team to another championship run.

(Please, please, PLEASE, be the former.)

You have to give the Social Media generation some credit. Especially when they’re posting at the expense of sports stars they want to make fun of.

Case in point: #LeBroning.

After LeBron James had to be carried off the court in Game 1 of the NBA Finals, as a result of the excessive heat in the AT&T Center, LeBron Haters jumped all over it, starting the hashtag “LeBroning” and creating a viral sensation, in the same vein as planking.

At least until Game 2. Then this happened to Tony Parker:



From there, the #Parkering, courtesy of vengeful Heat fans, was born:

Sports fans can be hurtful.

But seriously, you have to like this – especially if you have no horse in this proverbial Finals race. It’s one of those “Grab your popcorn” memes that allows you to see the absurdity that sports fandom can be sometimes.

She was one of the main cogs in the UConn Lady Huskies’ record ninth NCAA Championship. She was also known for challenging President Barack Obama to a dance-off.

Well, she got her chance – and it turned into one of the most embarrassing, and endearing, moments of her life.

During a visit to the White House, about to meet the POTUS, UConn C Stefanie Dolson slipped off the stage, then slipped again trying to recover. The look on her face was priceless.

Well, at least she could laugh at herself.

Well, at least she could laugh at herself.

It’s a shame that the 6’5″ Senior from Port Jervis, New York – and a multiple All-American – will likely be remembered more for this than any of the plethora of basketball accomplishments in her storied career.

Then again, it’s not the worst thing in the world to have pictures of Obama shaking your hand in a moment of pure surreality. The curtsy at the end was cute, too.

She will be a member of the WNBA’s Washington Mystics this upcoming season. Perhaps she’ll have another chance to visit the White House, being so close to the National Mall – and maybe this time, it won’t be so embarrassing.

Now, check out this pic of her with rapper Drake, and have a nice day.

Now, check out this pic of her with rapper Drake, and have a nice day.

Check out the character the San Francisco Giants drafted with the 14th overall pick in this year’s MLB Draft:

That … is Young Beedah.

Better known as Vanderbilt SP Tyler Beede, originally from Auburn, Massachusetts, the right-hander looks like he will be a prized prospect in the next year or two, replenishing a pitching staff that will likely see turnover with arms like Tim Lincecum and Tim Hudson not long for San Francisco.

Beede, who posted an 8-7 record and a 3.20 ERA in 16 games this year, will come into what many consider one of the best pitching coaching staffs in the league. Some believe he will be a fast riser in the major leagues, and could start as early as 2015.

In the meantime, he’ll probably entertain with his sick beats.

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