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MSR’s Random Sports Vids: Vol. 2

It’s that time again – time to bust out a post in honor of another lazy Friday:

A second installment of … MSR’s RANDOM SPORTS VIDS!

Yes, again with the dramatic chipmunk.

Yes, again with the dramatic chipmunk.

Here, I talk about a bunch of randomly interesting videos I have scrounged around the internets. Let’s get started.

So, who here remembers Kyrie Irving? Anyone?

That’s right – he was the player tagged by the Cleveland Cavaliers to essentially replace LeBron James in the hearts and minds of Cavs fans. He also did this:


Yeah, you remember. Dressed up in sweats and covered in “old man” make-up, Irving proceeded to school a bunch of “young pups” in the school of “fundamentals.”

(when I say “fundamentals,” I really mean “streetball.”)

And, while the authenticity of the on-lookers reactions can be questioned, I say, who cares? It’s still a great concept.

Anyway, I came across this video from the reddits that mirrors the “Uncle Drew” format – only this time, for the sport of Street Soccer:


Before this video, I had absolutely no idea who Sean Garnier was. But, seriously, this dude is ridiculous. Check out some of his videos on YouTube if you can’t get enough of this brand of futbol – it’s just amazing.

Next up, in honor of the NBA Finals having started the other night – by the way, congrats to the Spurs on the Game 1 victory – I present to you this video that makes you want to get up and play a game of “21”, yourself.

Whether you’re a Spurs fan, a Heat fan, or any kind of NBA fan, you would want a tribute video like this for your team:


I don’t know about you, but bring on Game 2.


Now, here’s an oldie, but goodie.

If you’re a Tiger Woods fan, you’ve probably seen this clip hundreds of times – and believe me, I wouldn’t blame you. But, considering El Tigre is slated to miss this year’s U.S. Open due to continuing health problems, this will probably be the only time you can get your fix of the 14-time Major winner.

Furthermore, you kind of forget how good he really was – I mean, the last time he won a major was in 2008 – a full SIX YEARS ago. I know, I know – it’s not that long ago in the scheme of things, but in the sports world, that’s practically ages ago.

With that in mind, watch this again:


Love those golf announcers.

I mean, look: the ball just does an abbreviated “S-curve” on its way to the hole.

"Okay ..."

“Okay …”

Only when it doesn’t stop in its tracks do you realize it’s got a chance to go in.


“Waaait for it …”

Then, it stops millimeters from the lip, as if it was waiting for a reaction from the crowd.

"HOOOLD ..."


And, AFTER TWO WHOLE SECONDS, it falls in.



Only Tiger Woods.

Aww. Remember when those two used to get along?

Aww. Remember when those two used to get along?

What really blows? We may never see that kind of clutchness from another golfer again.

Finally, we have this – a story that broke just a couple days ago.

So … what if I told you that Chris Paul and Zack Morris had something in common?

Both have ... irregularly boyish good looks?

Both have … irregularly boyish good looks?

Apparently, they both have a thing for one miss Kelly Kapowski.

Now, you remember the classic ’90s teen comedy “Saved By The Bell”. If you were a ’90s kid, how could you not?

In any case, in a recent development had Tiffani Thiessen, the actress who played Kapowski back in the day, sent Paul an autographed poster, which apparently made his day.

This simultaneously takes me back ... and makes me feel like a dirty old man.

This simultaneously takes me back … and makes me feel like a dirty old man.

Then, this whole mess between Thiessen, Paul, and co-host Andy Roddick occurred.

Check out the story here:


Okay, first of all, Roddick has absolutely no reason to be jealous. We get it, Andy – she was your childhood crush, too. Join the club. But when you have a wife like this to go home to:

Holy God.

Holy God.

You lose all rights and privileges complaining about childhood crushes.

Second of all, I love the “old-school” childhood crushes the other hosts have – Janet Jackson and Farrah Fawcett?

Damn. I totally get it.

Damn. I totally get it.


In any case, I can relate. After all, if you asked me all the childhood crushes I had when I was a kid? Shoot, it’d be a who’s-who of famous supermodels and Hollywood actresses.

And that’s all I’ll say about that.


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