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MSR’s Random Sports Thoughts: Vol. 11

Congratulations (I guess) to the Los Angeles Dodgers for reaching the NLCS for the first time since 2009.

Their closeout of the Atlanta Braves in Game 4 was vital, considering manager Don Mattingly’s risky decision to start ace SP Clayton Kershaw on three days rest. It would have played out to have been a foolish move had it not been for the late heroics of – ironically enough – two players who were vital to bringing rival San Francisco their first World Series title in 2010.

Closer Brian Wilson and 3B Juan Uribe, currently Dodger Blue, delivered in the late innings. Uribe hit a clutch go-ahead 2-run HR in the eighth inning off Braves RP Dave Carpenter, while Wilson shut down the Braves lineup in the eighth, despite allowing two men on base.


Gotdangit, guys.

While it is bittersweet, as a Giants fan, seeing two postseason heroes of three years ago doing well, it certainly stings to see them do it in a bitter rival’s uniform.

Furthermore, while I, being in the minority of Giants fans, wish them well moving forward, I still can’t help but root against them and the rest of their Dodgers brethren in the NLCS.

This may have been one of the only things I have gotten right as a sports writer, as far as guarantees go, but I think I have the right to say “I told you so.”

Jimmer Fredette, the BYU sharpshooting Wunderkind that the Sacramento Kings pined for in the 2011 NBA Draft, has not made the significant impact that many thought he would when he was drafted two years ago. Now, with a new regime in Sac-town, Fredette’s days may be numbered.

Personally, I’d like to see him in Utah for a first-round pick, but that’s up to the administration. Look, he may not have been given a fair shot on the team, but with a crowded backcourt and his reputation for lack of defense, I never thought he was a good fit – especially when the Kings needed a frontcourt presence at the time (remember – Kawhi Leonard was still on the board).

If (or when) he leaves – and I mean this in the nicest, most sincere way possible – God bless him, but good riddance.

Speaking of things I suggested becoming a reality – Nike came out with a radical new look for this season’s Pro Bowl uniforms.

Two months ago, the NFL announced drastic changes for the Pro Bowl in response to a growing disinterest of its current incarnation. One of these major changes – teams being chosen by two team captains, regardless of conference – is similar to the format that was enacted by the NHL back in 2010.

It was also something I wanted to see from more of the major sports leagues to revitalize their All-Star celebrations.

With that said, Nike made the decision to completely stay away from the red-blue color schemes, in favor of bright orange representing one side, and a lime-green motif (reminiscent of the University of Oregon’s current uniforms) representing the other. You can take a look for yourself here:


Hmm. Needs less NEON.

While I understand the uniform design change, I don’t understand the colors – what’s with Nike’s obsession with using obnoxious colors to represent their football uniforms? Am I off-base by saying they look more like construction site wear than sportswear? (Was that too harsh?) In any case, it will be interesting to see the general consensus trickle in as the days and weeks go on.

So there’s this Welterweight title fight going on this Saturday.

Perhaps you know the fighters – both, perhaps, by doing something no one had done in seven years prior: defeat seemingly unbeatable Manny Pacquiao.

One – WBO Welterweight title holder Timothy Bradley, Jr. – did so in one of the most controversial decisions in recent boxing history; the other – Juan-Manuel Marquez – did so in the most decisive fashion, knocking Pacquiao out cold in the sixth round of their latest bout.

May I present, as one boxing blogger put it, “The Pacquiao Winners’ Bracket.”

What’s at stake? For Bradley, it’s simple – prove that he’s no fluke, and can take out an elite fighter like Marquez (despite his successful title defense vs. Ruslan Provodnikov in March). For Marquez, a chance for holding a fourth world title.

What may be more intriguing, though, will be who’s holding the title after the man they both defeated – Pacquiao – fights Brandon Rios in Early November. If he wins, will Pac-Man go after the winner of this fight? Or, even more intriguing, will one Floyd Mayweather, Jr. be interested in a bout against the winner?

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  1. csjwilkinson // October 9, 2013 at 5:13 am // Reply

    The Pro Bowl uniforms are bland, just like the Pro Bowl. That makes them perfect to me.

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