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MSR’s Random Sports Thoughts: Vol. 7

So, apparently, 49ers QB Alex Smith is in some hot water by the league.

Not by anything he’d done on the field – that’s all good. It’s what he’s doing after the game – particularly, what he’s wearing. The NFL has given Smith an official warning: he will be fined $15,000 if he keeps wearing his patented black San Francisco Giants cap to postgame press conferences.

Seriously? For THIS?!!

It’s a preemptive strike, as he hasn’t done so in each of the last two games, but he had done it on many occasions in 2011.

I’ve talked before about the absurdity of the NFL’s dress codes on the field – and that was three years ago. But, seriously – why go after players for stuff they wear off of it? Especially a sports cap representing another team in the same city he plays for?

If anything, that’s cross-sport solidarity, right there. I mean, look at Bruce Bochy: you should be taking advantage of that, rather than banning it.

C’mon, NFL – lighten up a little bit.

Speaking of troubling NFL stories, seems former 49ers WR, now of the Washington Redskins, Josh Morgan, has been receiving death threats via twitter over an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty in the final minutes that effectively knocked the team out of field goal range, and out of a realistic chance to win the game.

Unfortunately, Morgan is no stranger to this kind of conduct by irrational football fans, as he watched his former teammate – WR Kyle Williams – go through the same thing after his two special-teams fumbles contributed to a loss in overtime to the New York Giants in last year’s NFC Championship. And, it’s unfortunate that he has to go through the exact same thing, here.

Let me say this right now: THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE.

I don’t care how mad you are over a loss, or how much you hate a player for causing it (either indirectly or directly) – you’re talking about wishing DEATH upon another human being, and that person’s FAMILY – for a screw-up in a sporting event.

How is it that people lose their morality when they sit down and mouth off on anonymous internet forums? It’s infuriating – this wasn’t okay with Kyle Williams; this wasn’t okay with Boise State K Kyle Brotsman; and it isn’t okay here – in a Week 2 regular season game.


Taking a break from the NFL for a second, a flashback to the last NBA season, where people felt the Los Angeles Lakers got relatively screwed out of landing PG Chris Paul in a nixed midseason blockbuster trade with the league-owned New Orleans Hornets.

The NBA, as owners of the franchise, put the kibosh on the deal, instead opting to send CP3 to the other LA team, the Clippers. Seems, though, that Paul actually wanted to head to the Clips. He was quoted as saying so in a recent interview, saying that the Clippers “had the better pieces,” and that “winning with the Clippers would be legendary.”

Awwww, YEEAHH!!!

It’s a quality you don’t see everyday in NBA superstars, especially in a sport where “Big Threes” and “Super teams” are being assembled on a yearly basis, it seems.

The Clippers are not barren on talent, by any stretch of the imagination, but their history of ineptitude is still hard to ignore – if Paul can come through for the franchise formerly of Buffalo and San Diego, it would be legendary, and the city of Los Angeles would no longer be able to ignore their “little brother” NBA franchise. Good on ya, Chris.

Former (ugh, I hate acknowledging that) Welterweight Champion Manny Pacquiao and historical boxing foil Juan Manuel Marquez made the rounds on ESPN, to promote their upcoming fight – the fourth meeting between the two – in November.

While I appreciate the two taking the time to make the press, it’s interesting to see them on a show like ESPN’s First Take, in which one of their regular pundits (Stephen A. Smith) declared unequivocally that he would refuse to watch any big boxing pay-per-view – and encouraged the viewing public to do the same – that did not involve Manny Pacquiao fighting the undefeated Floyd Mayweather.

I also found it head-scratching that Pacquiao and Marquez agreed to do press together, knowing full well their history of close fights in the ring – it’s almost counter-intuitive for either fighter to answer questions regarding their in-ring strategy, with the opponent sitting right next to him.

In any case, it was entertaining, to say the least. I don’t know what I enjoyed more: seeing Skip Bayless get Pacquiao to admit that he would beat Mayweather if he got the chance, or seeing Pacquiao and Marquez go at it with Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots. It’ll be an interesting next couple months with these two.

Oh, Gronk – looks like he’s at it again.

Well, not really.

Apparently, after his costly penalty contributed to the Patriots’ stunning loss to the Cardinals in Week 2, another photo of the hulking TE and former adult film star Britney Maclin (better known by her stage name “Bibi Jones”) came to light.

You remember this little brouhaha, right?

While it’s unclear about whether the photo in question (linked here, but possibly NSFW) is recent, or from the same set of pics that were leaked last year, it seems like a textbook case of Maclin looking for more publicity in light of Gronkowski’s recent press.

Then again, judging by what she said on her Twitter account recently about the Gronk – as well as her “self-hating” tweets that have been coming up lately – this might be one of two things: 1) a half-hearted plea to be with Rob via social media; or 2) a cry for help that might need some more professional attention.

Boy. That escalated quickly.

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