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MSR’s Good Idea/Bad Idea?: TD Celebration Edition

We’re heading into the home stretch of the 2011 NFL season, and already, we have some great season highlights. Last-second victories, brilliant scoring plays and masterful catches by the best skill players in the league.

But some of the league’s best – and worst – highlights don’t really have to do with the game, but what usually comes after a touchdown: the celebration.

While the NFL (or, in this case, the “No Fun League”) tends to frown upon elaborate touchdown celebrations – and notable sportscaster Bob Costas railed against them in a recent op ed – some are still creative, and even commendable (“Good Idea”). Then there are others, which are either stupid or in poor taste (“Bad Idea”). So, here are some of the more memorable TD celebrations this season. Were they a Good Idea or a Bad Idea?

New York Giants LB Michael Boley: Nails Man in the Face with Ball


Look, Michael, I get that you’re excited that you just scored your first career touchdown. Anyone would be excited – especially a defensive player who rarely sees the end zone. But you have to calm down, and understand that hitting a dude in the face isn’t nice. Especially when he works for your team. You probably weren’t aiming for him (or maybe you were – I don’t know what he did to you), but, seriously – just think before you chuck.

PS: Congratulations, dude who got hit in the face with the football – you’re a viral sensation.

“You’re WELCOME!!”


Buffalo Bills WR Stevie Johnson: Pantomimes Plaxico Burress’ Handgun Incident


Look – I have to admit, in the context of a TD celebration, it was actually kind of funny. And I’m sure Johnson didn’t mean any ill will toward Burress. (Or maybe he was – like I said, I’m not a mind-reader.)

But, ultimately, it kind of crossed the line. Honestly, I don’t see how this wasn’t in poor taste. Think about it, Stevie – you’re mocking an event that put Plaxico Burress behind bars for two years. That would mess people up for life, and you’re mocking it as a TD celebration? In the words of a certain “Big Lebowski” character: OVER THE LINE!!

Have some sense, man.


Buffalo Bills WR David Nelson: Hugs Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Girlfriend, Kelsi Reich


I get that people had a problem with this – she’s the opponent’s cheerleader! What are you doing, Nelson?

But, c’mon: it’s his girlfriend! Plus, he said the entire week he would do it if he got the chance. If you – namely, anyone on the Cowboys – didn’t want him to do it, then you should have stopped him. And, good on him for keeping his word. It was an adorable moment in a sport known for its pure machismo. Leave the guy alone.

Plus, seriously – if you had a girlfriend like this:

Why wouldn’t you take the opportunity to do something for her?

Just sayin’.


New England Patriots WR Deion Branch: Mocks New York Jets Staple Fireman Ed

View the Metatube Video Here.


I was thinking about this after watching it over again – what good would mocking a well-known fan figure like Fireman Ed do for the Patriots, especially for a guy like Deion Branch?

And it dawned on me: Fireman Ed is something of a polarizing figure in the NFL, especially in fan circles, and especially after he represented Jets Nation on Monday Night Football earlier this year. By mocking him, Deion did two things:

1) He got Fireman Ed fans, and Jets fans in general, to hate him and the Patriots even more, fueling the current rivalry; and

2) He might have turned some Fireman Ed haters into Deion Branch fans.

Choose a side.

Sounds good to me.



Detroit Lions TE Tony Scheffler: Re-enacts the AT&T Flash Mob Commercial


I didn’t get this one at first. Then I realized what commercial he was imitating:


Then I thought it was actually kind of brilliant. Plus, any good pub for a team that features a complete mad man on the defensive line can’t be bad.

Though, no TD dance can really gloss this over, can it?


Jacksonville Jaguars RB Maurice Jones-Drew: Mocks Cleveland Fans by Channeling LeBron


That’s a low blow, Maurice.

Kind of funny, but a low blow, nonetheless.


New York Giants WR Victor Cruz: Shows off Dance Moves after TD


Sure, it may not be the most creative celebration in the world – perhaps Chad Johnson’s TD dances were better, aesthetically speaking – but it wasn’t bad. Don’t forget, too, he did it after a 74-yard touchdown. To pull off those moves after being as winded as he had to be?

Rather impressive, my friend. Next stop: Dancing With The Stars.

Or not.


Chicago Bears RB Marion Barber: Fails at Backflip


There are no words to describe the epic fail of a TD celebration you just witnessed. The only way that would be a good idea is if you were trying to get on ESPN’s “Not Top Plays”.

Seriously, man – don’t do that again.



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  1. LOL Marion Barber

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