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What a shame.

Look, I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt. That’s just my way of thinking when it comes to these issues – probably to a fault. I mean, I still think that Barry Bonds isn’t guilty of anything … but I digress. After what I heard today, there’s no wiggle room anymore.

Apparently, this stuff he took – Stanozolol? Potent stuff. And it looks like he couldn’t have possibly taken it “mistakenly” or “without his knowledge”. Down the gullet or in the ass (by needle, not depository) are the only ways to take it. The latter – you gotta be unconscious not to know. The former – you really don’t look at your vitamins before you take them.

But, hell, that’s not the half of it – dude found out he was slapped with the violation in May – TWO MONTHS AGO! Just one month after he basically screamed at Congress that Jose was lying his ass off in “Juiced”. Granted, I realize he was spending all that time appealing the press release. But, seriously – he knew the steroids were hovering over his head about a month later, when we were lauding him for his 3-K. We celebrated this future hall of famer, and he was thumbing his nose at all of us.

I was on the fence until today – Fool Congress once, shame on you. Fool us twice – Shame on us. You aren’t gonna fool us again. Sorry, Raph – I, for one, can’t believe you anymore. And that’s hard for me to say.

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