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MSR’s Good Idea/Bad Idea?: May 2, 2014

by Paulo C in Basketball

It’s time, once again – and at the risk of some form of copyright infringement – for another round of “Good Idea/Bad Idea”. I bring up four [...]





  • Only fitting that Montana comes back to Candlestick one last time ... even if it is for a flag football game.
  • Perhaps it was to run away to Germany with Paulina Gretzky. (SEE?! I CAN SPECULATE, TOO!!!)
  • Well, at least she could laugh at herself.
  • Blount's Sucker Punch: I Understand, But It Definitely Ain't Right
  • 97630504BM_Marlins_Giants0056-575x416
  • John Calipari & Anthony Davis
  • Let me remember my Panda like this. Just like this.
  • You gotta admit - he DOES look better than he did earlier this year.
  • "'Sup."
  • Troubled 49ers LB Aldon Smith was released by the team early Friday after another alleged DUI arrest. What's next for the 25-year-old?

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