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Kings’ NBA Draft Lottery: A Recent History

by Paulo C in Basketball

The NBA Draft Lottery is tonight, as many of the worst teams in the league gather together to discover their collective fates. In a pure game of chance, the lottery has [...]





  • The Maloofs went from beloved to - most likely - hated in a matter of months, in the wake of the Anaheim Royals debacle.
  • Reggie Bush - New Orleans Saints-thumb
  • Brett Favre 2-thumb
  • The closest thing we've gotten to a Mayweather-Pacquiao fight.
  • Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson (right) is mounting an offensive to keep the Kings in Sacramento. But is he too late?
  • shaq-vivek
  • The San Francisco 49ers before Super Bowl XLVII. The team hopes to make another appearance, and finish the "Quest For Six" they failed to accomplish the last two seasons.
  • "Flawless."
  • Giants Closer Sergio Romo (center) celebrates the final out in the NLCS as his teammates rush the field, completing another epic comeback to reach their second World Series in three years.
  • "Pfft. Rookies."

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