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NBA 2005: The New Hierarchy

by Paulo C in Basketball

You know, it was only three years ago that the Lakers dynasty reigned supreme in the NBA. The Nets were the only true Eastern Conference power that could even attempt to [...]





  • Giants Manager Bruce Bochy won his appeal on Tuesday's called "Tarp Game" vs. the Chicago Cubs.
  • Do tell.
  • Only fitting that Montana comes back to Candlestick one last time ... even if it is for a flag football game.
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  • Screen Shot 2014-06-20 at 7.57.23 PM
  • Ian and Jeff 2009-thumb
  • longtime veteran George Karl is set to become the next head coach of the Sacramento Kings. What does this mean for the team, and its front office?
  • What's THAT supposed to mean?
  • Colorado Rockies v San Francisco Giants
  • At only 25 years old, this man has been in these parades more times than some of the great players in MLB history.

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